Trying out new things

February 24th, 2024

5 min

Trying out new things and stepping outside your comfort zone can feel challenging at times. Many of us are accustomed to our routines and feel at ease with our daily activities. That's fine for the most part, but there are moments in life when you may sense that something is missing or that things are not fulfilling enough. I believe that we all encounter such times, and I have learned that these are the moments when the potential for personal growth is significant.

During these times, I remind myself that I have felt most content in life when I have embraced new experiences, acquired new knowledge, or ventured beyond my comfort zone. While exposing oneself to new things may not always be easy, I have found it to be immensely rewarding in hindsight.

Three phases of trying new things

I have identified three phases in expanding one's comfort zone. Initially, when I expose myself to a new situation, I often feel awkward and uncomfortable. With time, I become more accustomed to the situation, and the discomfort diminishes. In the third phase, I experience a boost in self-worth and overall well-being. For me, there is almost no better feeling than personal growth, and undergoing this journey of growth makes me feel more complete as a person.

Often, it is the small things that truly make a difference for me. For instance, posting content on X was a significant step for me, as I had always felt inexperienced in producing content in the field of Design Engineering. While I did not gain 1000 followers instantly, nothing negative occurred either. On the contrary, I connected with many wonderful people and learned numerous new things by sharing my work with the public.

This seemingly small action, which was outside my comfort zone, has brought me great happiness a few months later.

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